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Use Last Year’s Results to Inform 2020 Soybean Seed Selection

Early Season Soybean Plant

The winter months are a great time to review seed performance data to help inform decisions for spring planting. The latest Answer Plot® trial results are in, and despite the challenges of 2019, there were some standout soybean varieties that consistently performed well across test locations.

What we learned about soybeans

There was more variability in Answer Plot data this season than we’ve seen in recent years. The environmental stresses soybeans faced in 2019 gave us an opportunity to see the limitations of some varieties and the resiliency of others. WinPak® varieties by CROPLAN® seed proved to have the edge in a year with so much unpredictability. The diversity of WinPak varieties can help balance the extreme stresses crops face and help deliver consistent performance in tough conditions. The following soybean varieties stood out from the rest based on results from 2019 Answer Plot trials.

  • CP1600X — WinPak variety consisting of CP1578X and CP1788X. Top five performer nationally with very strong soybean white mold tolerance. Versatile variety for highly productive ground or fields with history of white mold.
  • CP2400X — WinPak variety consisting of CP2487X and CP2578X. Elite top-end yield performer in 2018 and 2019. Good heat and drought stress tolerance, best positioned in well-drained, fertile soils.
  • CP2578X — High-yield variety that performs east to west. Excellent brown stem rot tolerance, emergence and stability.
  • CP4150XS — STS® WinPak variety consisting of CP4117XS and CP4219XS. Top three nationally in 2019 Answer Plot trials. Strong performance across soil types and yield environments. Strong agronomics and standability.
  • CP4825X — High yield potential to fit the irrigated acre, but also good stability for productive dryland acres.

As you choose soybean varieties for next season, it seems that the most logical place to start is with the question, “What is my most limiting yield factor?” If it’s disease, you should start by assessing the disease resistance and seed treatment options available for different soybean seed varieties. Protect high-value soybean seed from early-season disease and insect threats with Warden® CX seed treatment. If weeds tend to limit your yield potential, start by looking at what herbicide-resistant trait platform works best for your acres.

Don’t rely on just one year of data

You might be wondering if you can trust the results of this year’s yield data. There were things to learn about how individual products performed this year, but it’s never a good idea to make decisions based on one season of data. My best advice is to take a more holistic view of seed performance by looking at historical data spanning several seasons. Since we don’t know what stresses crops will face next year, it’s impossible to say that this year’s winners will also be at the top of the podium next season.

To see the latest local yield data from our Answer Plot trials, visit answerplot.com or contact your local WinField United retailer.

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