• Jul 26, 2017

Turn Your Tablet Into a Crystal Ball

Starting this fall, you can place comprehensive predictive data in the hands of your customers to help them improve their in-season management decisions, target nutrient applications precisely and optimize their ROI potential.
The R7® Field Forecasting Tool is a new crop modeling solution for corn and soybeans from WinField United. The tool uses field-specific information and historical weather data, as well as in-season measurements and tissue sampling information from the NutriSolutions 360® system, to help you and your customers determine optimal timing and rates for nutrient applications. It puts data into an actionable format so decisions can be made quickly.
It can also boost your credibility with farmers even more by providing you with validated, quality data that is visually appealing for easy presentation, and information-rich to enable deeper conversations about what is necessary for them to achieve greater ROI.
Capitalize on robust insights
The Field Forecasting Tool uses historical field details, including soil parameters, previous crop, tillage practices and weather data — along with ground truthed in-season measurements through tissue sampling, growth staging, weather data and final stand counts — to increase accuracy of the model and create a more complete picture.
Data from the R7® Tool, including “response to” information on an individual hybrid, can be used to make more informed decisions. For example, if the Field Forecasting Tool shows a need for additional nitrogen and the farmer has planted a hybrid that the R7® Tool indicates has a high response to nitrogen, the likelihood of an increased return on investment from an additional nitrogen application is much greater. Using data and insights together in this way can make your recommendation to a farmer more powerful than it has ever been in the past.
A yield goal to strive for
There are a number of crop modeling tools available. However, the Field Forecasting Tool is unique in that it provides a maximum yield goal for a field along with a predicted yield number and helps bridge the gap between the two. During the Field Forecasting Tool’s pilot phase, when we would show farmers that maximum yield goal, they were often surprised, because it was a number they hadn’t thought about achieving in the past. But they wanted to work toward making it a reality.
Talk with your WinField United representative about seeing a demonstration of the Field Forecasting Tool in action, and tell your customers about how they can access this exciting new ag technology option ahead of the 2018 growing season.