• Mar 23, 2016

Tips for Achieving 100-Bushel Soybeans, Part Two: Manage Closely

Soybean Field
The first part of the quest to achieving 100-bushel soybeans is to plant smart. The second is to manage your soybean crop carefully throughout the season. Here are steps 4 to 6 to managing for 100-bushel soybeans.

4. Weed control
Over the past few years, weed control in any crop has become increasingly challenging, requiring multiple modes of action. Early control of weeds is crucial to achieving favorable soybean yields. Did you know that 6 to12 days after flowering, waterhemp has up to 50 percent viable seed?

Scouting is key to determining what weeds are present, and which chemicals needed to effectively treat and eliminate them. However, technology like the R7® Field Monitoring tool provide valuable insights about thousands of acres to ensure time is spent in fields where scouting matters the most. Early-season use of the tool aids in identifying fields that have higher weed pressure at an early growth stage, so action can be taken before crop yield is affected.

5. Soil fertility
Studies have shown that the right application of nitrogen at the right time is key to getting the most out of your soybean crop. In 2015, studies showed that applications at R1 and R3 were the most effective, and that using slow-release nitrogen sources were the most effective at all stages. The chart below illustrates why nitrogen supplementation in-season is so critical. Narrowing the application window and analyzing each field’s nutrient needs through in-season imagery, direct scouting and tissue sampling help make these applications more effective.

6. Monitoring crop health
In-season imagery is vital to identify insects, disease and nutrient deficiencies. Frequent use of this imagery from tools such as the R7® Field Monitoring tool helps with benchmarking and growth indicators. This enables timely decision making that could mean the difference between a break- even crop and a profitable one. For more information on the R7® Field Monitoring tool, check out our expert review here.

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