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The Heart and Soul of a Community

Family photo of mom, dad and four kids on bench in front of red barn
Take a moment to consider everything your local retailer contributes to your community. It’s provided the products and services families like yours have needed to farm for generations. It’s a place where you can pick up your crop inputs and, while you’re at it, share a cup of coffee with trusted neighbors and friends. It provides employment to your town’s sons and daughters when they need to earn money for college and supports local residents and charitable organizations when times are tough.
It’s true. Locally-owned and operated retailers are the heart and soul of rural communities across the country. At Land O’Lakes, we believe in protecting that local connection because it’s the foundation on which we were built. Our system is one made continually stronger by its people, farmers, producers and ag retailers. We know full well the stability, sense of place and pride they bring to cities and towns like yours.
While some profits grow companies, the earnings locally-owned retailers generate go back to local communities to help them grow and thrive. Land O’Lakes and WinField United — our seed, crop protection products, agricultural services and agronomic insights business — share this belief. As an organization, we have remained true to our roots, never forgetting our commitment to supporting our retailers and the communities they serve.
We care about the communities we do business in. We care about their future. That’s why we are actively involved in a number of philanthropic and business efforts to advance rural communities and promote sustainability. Things like:
  • Matching dollar-for-dollar the cash donations of members, thus doubling the funds available for hometown projects, through our Member Match programs.
  • Alleviating hunger by donating fresh dairy products by the truckload to rural food banks through our First Run program.
  • Providing financial support to students pursuing degrees in agriculture through our Direct Member Scholarship and WinField United Careers in Agriculture Scholarship.
  • Recognizing companies and communities that create a workplace culture that supports service members, veterans and military families through our Employee Resource Groups.
  • Advancing our Land O’Lakes SUSTAIN™ program, which drives sustainability across the food system to feed people, safeguard the planet and support farmer livelihoods.
In partnership with our farmer and retail-owners, we donated $2.2 million in member-directed philanthropy in 2018. Our commitment grows every year, as does our passion for the communities where we live, work and do business. Communities like yours.
Land O’Lakes was founded on the idea of community and that by working together, we can stand tall against the challenges we face today and those of tomorrow. Just like your local retailer, Land O’Lakes and WinField United share the belief that working cooperatively can take our communities to new heights and creates enduring livelihoods for generations to come.
Yes, your locally owned and operated retaileris more than a business. It shares your past and is ready to stand by your side as you move into the future. And we couldn’t be prouder to call them our partner.