• Feb 22, 2018

Tech Keeps You and Your Customers Competitive

Not surprisingly, adoption of ag technology is on the upswing. At WinField United, we’re seeing more farmers using technology in the field and seeking out new technologies that will help them with in-season decision-making. We’re also noticing that capabilities such as remote sensing are getting more traction, with satellite, drone and aerial imagery all allowing farmers to check their crops in-season and facilitate more timely adjustments.
New tools add value
Last season saw the limited launch of the R7® Field Forecasting Tool, which aids agronomists in helping farmers determine optimal timing and rates for nutrient applications. Overwhelmingly, they gave the tool high marks, seeing the impact on ROI potential firsthand and rating it as a way to initiate productive conversations with farmers.
The R7® Field Monitoring Tool continues to provide farmers with informed counsel about where to focus their attention and prioritize their time in the field. Again, this is a tool that is being used as a discussion generator between farmers and trusted advisors, which is something we see tremendous value in encouraging.
We are also looking for ways to integrate other WinField United technology tools into an in-season decision-making package to help facilitate easier use. We will use our Answer Tech  Data Silo and ATLAS® systems to help you securely store and manage farmer data for use with the WinField United suite of ag technology tools and partner apps.
Guidance in a crowded field
There are many technology tools on the market, and it’s important for farmers to try them out. You can be the trusted advisor guiding them through the process: letting them know what is available and what would best address their needs, helping them achieve their goals.
Our aim is to provide you with the latest and best ag technology to differentiate your business from others in your area, and also to provide your farmers with ways to move their operations forward. At WinField United, we believe we have high-quality, leading-edge tools that can guide farmers in optimizing their ROI and yield potential. But our goal is not to sell you on a “it’s our technology or nothing” philosophy. We trust you to help your customers pick the tools that work best for them.
So do they.