• Aug 02, 2017

Syncing Up Business Processes: A Case Study

Is your cooperative taking advantage of AgSync? It’s a software program that helps you manage orders and workflow between third-party accounting and agronomy systems. Built specifically for use by ag retailers, AgSync is a daily operations system that lets you easily schedule application work, assign personnel and equipment, and monitor progress to make logistical changes as needed.
AgSync enables you to offer a higher level of customer service. For example, it lets you review a farmer’s application history and product use reports for traceability and compliance. It also lets your cooperative increase efficiency by reducing reliance on paper records, with items like job priorities, driving directions, new orders, job changes, project completions and other important notifications delivered electronically to a common location in real time.
One cooperative’s experience
Countryside Cooperative in west central Wisconsin uses AgSync and works with WinField United’s technology team to help manage the relationship between the cooperative and the AgSync program. Here’s what a Countryside staff member had to say about the experience.
“The efficiency within our business has grown by utilizing an expert in retail technology and AgSync. The software implementation process was made more efficient with the help of WinField United, who focused us on creating standard operating procedures to use throughout our company. As we made our way through the spring, it was apparent that AgSync was responsible for our success in moving our equipment efficiently throughout the country.”
Another Countryside staff member noted the advantages of adding the perspective of someone who didn’t work directly for the cooperative.
“One of the things our WinField United technology specialist was able to provide was ‘an outside looking in’ perspective. This was helpful, because as a company, [sometimes] you think the way you do things is the best way. Our WinField United partner was able to give us suggestions about things we should do differently or things that we should keep doing….Overall I have had a positive experience with AgSync and would recommend more cooperatives implement software like this versus using paper maps. It has made our lives much easier, even during an implementation year, and has truly saved us time and road miles. I can only imagine that next year will run even more smoothly.”
For more information on acquiring AgSync for your business and retaining the services of a WinField United retail technology expert, talk with your WinField United representative or visit AnswerTech.com.