• Jan 03, 2017

Sunflower Genetics Get a Boost for 2017

The number of sunflower acres is on the rise and we’re committed to helping these farmers thrive. The WinField® United business and Syngenta recently entered into a license agreement concerning Syngenta® sunflower germplasm. The agreement provides the Winfield® United business unique access to elite sunflower genetics currently marketed through Syngenta, as well as a first right to certain new genetics.

Farmers now have access to new genetic diversity, including a wide selection of high oleic hybrids, complementing an established CROPLAN® sunflower seed portfolio bred to optimize yield potential and pest management.
Any sunflower hybrids commercialized by the WinField® United business that were previously available through Syngenta will carry the same numeric identifier to help customers ease into the new product line. While seed bags and the distribution network will look different, CROPLAN® sunflower products licensed from Syngenta will continue to come from Syngenta’s world-class breeding program.
For more information on CROPLAN® sunflower seed please visit www.croplan.com/sunflower/.