• Oct 12, 2017

Start Shaping Your 2018 (Plant) Growth Strategy

Historically, fall has provided a great opportunity to make fertility decisions, such as how much phosphorus, potassium and other crop nutrients you’ll need for next season. At this time of year, you’re probably also reviewing Answer Plot® data on hybrid response to nitrogen, response to population, response to fungicide, and response to soil type scores and using it to help inform your seed purchasing decisions.
Don’t forget to include a plant growth regulator (PGR) as an important component of your early-season fertility strategy to get your crops off to a quick, strong start.
A value-add throughout the season
We know plant health is affected dramatically by root growth and stalk strength and that PGRs optimize those factors. An in-furrow application of a PGR can help get your plants out of the ground fast. Keep in mind that quick emergence, especially for corn plants, helps ensure they come up at the same time, which enables them to compete equally and gives you more consistent yield potential across the field.
PGRs are naturally produced within each corn or soybean crop. WinField United formulates products that work with these natural cycles within the crop to make plants more efficient, to take up nutrients more effectively and to optimize yield potential.
For example, Ascend® SL PGR contains a combination of three EPA-registered PGRs designed to promote vigorous early plant germination and emergence, a robust root system, larger leaves, and wider stems.
Optify®/Stretch PGR is an EPA-registered broad-spectrum PGR for use in corn and other crops that helps optimize stress tolerance, early-season vigor, and water and nutrient uptake.
Data indicates the value of applying a PGR. For example, corn trial data shows that at 295 Answer Plot® sites with 2,138 replications over a five-year period, an additional 4.94 bushels per acre was produced by using Ascend® PGR in-furrow along with 10-34-0 and Ultra-Che® Zinc 9% EDTA.* 
Talk with your WinField United agronomist about how you can create an effective fertility strategy for 2018 using a PGR to help achieve quick emergence, effective fertilizer uptake, and healthier plants throughout the season for improved ROI potential in 2018.
*At national Answer Plot® trials conducted from 2010 to 2014. Because of factors outside of Winfield Solutions' control, such as weather, product application, and any other factors, results to be obtained, including but not limited to yields, financial performance, or profits, cannot be predicted or guaranteed by Winfield Solutions. Results are based upon controlled test and field trials.  Actual results may vary.