• Feb 01, 2018

Solving On-Farm Challenges One Product at a Time

When you purchase a product, you’ve likely done your homework to ensure it’s the best option to meet your business goals. But have you ever wondered how those products make it to your farm in the first place? That’s where years of testing, data analysis and insights come into play. WinField United research teams use the latest science and technology to solve real-life problems on the farm.
Testing Never Ends
We know that farmer success relies on high-quality products that have been rigorously tested across environments and field conditions. The investment in our new 55,000-square-foot Innovation Center reaffirms WinField United’s commitment to research and product development, from conception to commercialization.
The Innovation Center is equipped with state-of-the-art walk-in growth chambers where temperature, humidity, light, moisture and carbon dioxide levels can be controlled to test products under simulated conditions. We can see how different products impact leaf area, photosynthesis, nutrient uptake and root growth as environmental conditions change.
A spray application laboratory at the Innovation Center is home to cutting-edge technology to test new formulations, tank mixes, nozzle performance, drift and droplet deposition, and plant uptake. Wind tunnel features help simulate in-field spraying to precisely measure two variables that impact plant coverage — droplet size and velocity. All of these technologies are designed to optimize spraying for greater return-on-investment potential for farmers.
No Substitute for Field Testing
While we are able to manipulate conditions in controlled lab spaces, the real test comes when products are validated in the field. Over the years we’ve taken measures to ensure that our research matches what you’ll see on your farm. For example, we’ve recently implemented a larger research plot footprint in an effort to reduce field variability.
The Answer Plot® program started 20 years ago and continues to deliver valuable data and actionable insights for farmers. Today there are weather stations at each location, so researchers can analyze how products respond to varying environmental conditions. This information feeds into the R7® Field Forecasting Tool to deliver predictive modeling on a field-by-field basis.
When you use a WinField United product, you’ll have confidence that it’s backed by rigorous testing and cutting-edge research and development methods. From the Innovation Center to the farm, we scrutinize the data points to bring you the best products and recommendations.
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