• May 17, 2016

Scouting for Technology?

Retailer in corn field
What’s your commitment to ag technology? Whether you are gradually easing into adopting more tech-focused farming methods or have used technology for a while, you’ve probably discovered that these tools can serve as a tremendous scouting aid.
Technology should be paired with a more traditional walk-through of your fields with your agronomist to provide important field-level observations and quality data that can pay off at harvest. 
Most ag technology tools include some degree of access to in-season imagery, which indicates field biomass. This capability enables your agronomist to identify problem areas in a field as the season progresses so they can help you take corrective measures before yield potential is jeopardized.
Because technology helps you adjust the investments you make in your fields to fit their profitability potential, it helps you spend your dollars more wisely. For example, rather than simply blanketing a field with nitrogen or doing a side-dress application, it may be better to make a variable-rate application. Also, taking tissue samples can help you determine what, if any, nutrients may be lacking in your plants.
With all of the ag technology options on the market, how do you know which ones are the best? One resource is answertech.com, where industry experts review a variety of ag technology devices and applications.
In the end, every bushel counts. If you’re not employing technology to help you determine where problems can be remedied, top-performing acres can be optimized or poorer-performing acres can receive fewer input investments, you’re leaving yield and capital in the field.