• Jan 08, 2018

Pair Tools for Added On-Farm Value

In today’s ag technology marketplace, there are many tools and platforms that do one thing really well. While it may seem more convenient to have just one tool at your disposal that can do it all, often pairing multiple technologies is efficient and gives you a holistic perspective of your operation. Here are three benefits to pairing your ag tech tools next season.
  1. Multiple tools can help you come to more precise conclusions. If each tool gives you information about a field at a particular moment in time, then joining their capabilities provides a full picture of that field at the end of the season. For example, using a scouting tool with an in-season imagery tool and then layering on yield analytics can help you gain a deeper understanding of why something happened in your field. Yield analytics alone can reveal a yield loss but can’t help you determine where that loss came from.
  1. Pairing tools makes for better prescriptions. The more we dig into field variability and understand where in-season threats like insect and disease challenges are coming from, the better prescription we can write for addressing these challenges. I’ve found that scouting tools coupled with in-season imagery, for example, can be helpful in pinpointing where and when a pest problem occurred. From there, we can use this information to determine a plan of action that will inform seed and input purchases for the year to come.
  1. Two sources can firm up financial impact. Consider using a combination of tools such as the Climate FieldView™ platform and the R7® Tool Profitability Map. Together these tools give you a look into the financial impact of situations like disease pressures or an influx of insects. Understanding the monetary implications helps us better plan and protect ROI potential moving forward.
The sheer number of ag tech options can be overwhelming, but your advisor can be the best resource to help you cut through the clutter. Talk with your trusted advisor about what ag tech capabilities are best to incorporate on your operation.