• Aug 05, 2015

Now is the time to optimize soybean growth

Soybean Field
As soybeans enter the reproductive stage, farmers have an opportunity to give their plants a boost by adding Ascend® plant growth regulator to their fungicide and late-season nutrient applications.
Soybean plants receiving a foliar application of Ascend® plant growth regulator between R1 and R3 have the potential for wider stalks and larger leaves necessary to establish a larger canopy compared to no application. The additional photosynthetic capability helps plants set larger pods with higher bean counts. Don’t miss the window to apply Ascend® plant growth regulator now to help increase yield potential at harvest.
“Particularly in higher-yielding environments, we have seen excellent response to foliar application of Ascend® plant growth regulator,” says Darrin Holder, WinField agronomist. “Take a trifoliate leaf from the 15th node of a soybean plant treated with Ascend® plant growth regulator and compare it to the same leaf of an untreated plant. You will see the treated leaf is physically larger. Bigger leaves promote photosynthesis to feed the plant and increase pod production.”
Timely application of Ascend® plant growth regulator also helps ease the potential stress of continuous flowering during the reproductive stage compared to no application.
“Our data shows that early reproductive stages are the prime time to increase biomass and optimize yield potential with a foliar application of Ascend® plant growth regulator,” says Holder.
Holder recommends applying Ascend® now to hit this critical time, when the sun is at its highest and the plant can absorb the most sunlight. “Now is the time to do it. If you wait until after the pods are set, you’ll miss the opportunity,” says Holder. “Producing a healthier soybean crop is key to mitigating plant stress and increasing yield potential.”
To learn more about Ascend®  soybean foliar applications, talk with your local WinField agronomist or visit winfield.com.

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