• Jul 06, 2017

Not Your Grandfather’s Silo

In the heat of the growing season, there aren’t enough hours in the day to accomplish everything you need to do in the field, much less have time to download, store and analyze data. Right?

Not exactly. Having quality data to help you make critical agronomic and business decisions can be just as valuable in helping you optimize ROI and yield potential as combining, or applying nutrients or crop protection products. In fact, data could very well dictate when — or even if — you should be performing these or other field tasks.

What if there were a way to easily store and synchronize your data, share it with your trusted advisor, and have it readily accessible across the suite of ag technology tools you both use?

There is. It’s called Answer Tech® Data Silo™.

Aggregated, sharable data at your fingertips
Available through your WinField United retailer, Answer Tech® Data Silo™ is a cloud-based data-management system that can be used simply for secure data storage. However, it can also be used with other tools to leverage all of the on-farm information you have and make that data work harder, providing you with the edge you need to take your operation to the next level.

Data Silo™ offers these primary features:
  • Organizes data at the field level for quick agronomic solutions.
  • Synchronizes data between tools such as the WinField® United R7® Tool.
  • Eliminates data entry duplication, reducing the chance of input errors.
  • Gives you “one source of truth” for all your field boundaries, letting you map them in one tool and share them among all the tools you and your agronomist use.
Your data, your choice
You own your data. Data Silo™ gives you the option of sharing as much of it as you think is appropriate with your trusted advisor. This, in turn, provides the advisor with the opportunity to review and absorb that data so he or she can create recommendations prior to meeting with you. This ability to prepare lets your agronomist be more efficient with the time you spend together.

Get what you’re paying for
You’re already paying for the technology on your equipment. Don’t let the data it is collecting go unused. Talk with your local retailer about how Data Silo™ can store, connect and leverage the power of your data to provide you with valuable insights and a more holistic ag tech strategy for your operation.