• Nov 06, 2017

New Functionality Guides Soybean Seed Decisions

close up on soybeans
At this point in the season you’re likely thinking ahead to next year’s seed decisions. If you are a soybean farmer, how do you know which varieties will perform best in various soil types and yield environments? Since the characteristics of each field are different, and even areas within the same field can vary greatly, there is value in having variety-specific management data for your soybean crop.
The CHT Tool, a component of the R7® Tool by WinField® United, uses data from the Answer Plot® Program to help compare soybean seed varieties from major companies to see how they are potentially projected to perform on fields like yours. The CHT Tool has been used to compare corn hybrids for several years and is now available to perform similar functions to help optimize soybean seed selection.
The tool displays at least three years of Answer Plot® program yield data based on soil type and yield environment to help you make data-driven decisions regarding your seed choices. Yield environment is defined as the intensity of field stress or disease issues present in the field — whatever negative factors are keeping that soybean yield from being the most it can be. Along with soil type, you can use the data to help select the proper soybean variety for that field.
Many challenges can occur in any given field, and having yield information that matches up with a particular environment can help you better predict seed performance for the following year.
Looking at data for one area will tell you what performed best there last year, but looking at data from a variety of environments and using different testing methods like we do in our Answer Plot® Program gives you a better idea of how a variety may perform next year. Of course, we don’t know specifically what next year will bring, but the CHT Tool can improve our chances of predicting the potential performance of a soybean variety in a given field.
To find out how the CHT Tool can help manage and capitalize on the variability within your soybean fields, talk with your WinField® United agronomist or technology manager.