• Dec 14, 2016

Morning Farm Report Review

The Morning Farm Report by Agrible provides retailers and farmers with many of the insights they need to effectively manage their fields and plan their week.  The website is easy to use and navigate.  The Morning Farm Report has a variety of products that suit any grower or retailer.

Key Benefits to Morning Farm Report:
  • The Summary Report gives you a quick glance of real-time information that keeps you updated on the status of every field in your operation.  It includes weather, nutrient and pest alerts.  The weather alerts give you past and forecasted precipitation, hail, temperature and humidity statistics.  This information is provided for each field and is easy to analyze.  The pest engine provides you with a great heads-up on the presence of different insects, diseases and pests.  It helps you identify issues early, allowing you to make a timely application.
  • The Tractor Time Hourly and Tractor Time daily tools supply the information needed to manage your fields. Tractor Time helps identify which fields are workable, which makes farmers and their retail partner more efficient.  The tool gives you hourly updates on conditions.
  • The Spray Smart is extremely beneficial because it helps growers and retailers determine when and where to spray.  It tracks spray records, makes it easy for retailers to manage their fleet of sprayers, and gives you the insights needed to decide where and when to make applications. In addition to providing hour by hour forecasts of wind speed and direction, Spray Smart also predicts the location and duration of temperature inversions to assist in planning the logistics of your herbicide applications.
  • The Advanced Nutrient Tool helps growers apply needed nutrients while promoting sustainability.  The tool gives you a quick glance at where your field’s nitrogen (N) and phosphorus (P) levels are, and predicts how the status of each nutrient may change in the next two weeks.  This helps growers make the right nutrient applications for their fields and promotes sustainability.
The Morning Farm Report App provides simple and straightforward solutions for growers and retailers.  The only downfall is that the application is only available through Google Play.  However, the website is useable through the web on a computer or tablet.