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  • Mar 09, 2021

In the Field With the Advanced Acre Rx Program


The WinField® United Advanced Acre® Rx program is entering its second season and farmers are realizing its benefits. This agronomic prescription service increases profitability potential while reducing uncertainty, giving farmers confidence in their agronomic and economic decisions from seed selection through harvest.


I work with retailers and farmers to find out how the Advanced Acre Rx program can help them improve their ROI potential. Here’s how the program is making a difference for farmers at one cooperative.


Finding program levels to meet your operation’s needs

Advanced Acre Rx has three program levels, each tailored to the needs of individual farmers.

  • Complete Rx® service, a streamlined total-acre solution that uses data and insights from the Answer Plot® program and offers a comprehensive set of products and services tailored to a specific farm at one price per acre.

  • Elite Rx® service, a streamlined total-acre solution that uses data and insights from the Answer Plot program with an a la carte choice of products from most major manufacturers, offering greater flexibility.

  • Impact Rx™ service, a prescription service for farmers who prefer to focus on a single fundamental agronomic decision (for example, plant health) yet still want to use quality data and insights from the Answer Plot program.


If farmers follow their customized plans and yields don’t exceed their approved Actual Production History (APH) yield triggers, WinField United covers the cost of services and some input costs via a warranty payment.*


One cooperative’s experience

I often work with Jim Ebbers, manager of United Farmers Cooperative in Hector, Minnesota. In 2020, he had seven farmers enrolled in the Advanced Acre Rx program at each of the three program levels. Overall, it was a good first year.


“The farmers who were enrolled in the program really liked the fact that we provided agronomic consultation throughout the season to help inform their decision-making,” Jim says. “To me, it was a success, and the growers were happy.”


The two farmers enrolled in Complete Rx and Elite Rx exceeded their approved APH by an average of 20 bushels per acre. The value of these two service levels is that Jim helped them manage their farms from planting through harvest as far as fertility plans, weed control plans, seed placements, micronutrient applications and fungicide applications. That customized planning was a big benefit to those farmers in terms of yield results.


For farmers on Impact Rx, a series of unfavorable environmental conditions (too dry early in the season and too wet later) made managing crops with just a fungicide difficult. For those farmers, the warranty helped them mitigate some of the economic issues that resulted from this poor weather.


The reviews are in

Among Jim’s farmers, those who participated in each of the Advanced Acre Rx program levels found value from what the prescription service provided. For example, the farmer on Complete Rx is doubling the number of acres he’s enrolling in the program for this season, going from 300 to 600 acres. The farmer who was on Elite Rx valued the program too. Since he has sugar beet acres, it was important to take rotational restrictions into consideration, and Elite Rx offered him greater flexibility in herbicide choice.


Jim’s farmers enrolled in Impact Rx were pleased that the warranty was in place and, despite poor environmental conditions, understood the benefit of a fungicide application, even though that alone didn’t take them to where they wanted to be with yield.


“A number of farmers don’t want to take a chance on using a fungicide, but this was a way for some of them to try a fungicide and, if they didn’t get the approved APH, to give them a certain percentage of their dollars back,” says Jim. “They liked the reassurance that not all of their investment was uncertain and that we were doing our best to help them succeed.”


For more information on the Advanced Acre Rx program or to enroll, contact your local WinField United-affiliated retailer.


*Agreement is required and conditions, restrictions and service fees apply. Percentage goals for the APH crop yield range from 95–105% for corn and 95–100% for soybeans.


All photos are either the property of WinField United or used with permission.


Important: Before use always read and follow label instructions. Crop performance is dependent on several factors many of which are beyond the control of WinField United, including without limitation, soil type, pest pressures, agronomic practices, and weather conditions. Growers are encouraged to consider data from multiple locations, over multiple years, and be mindful of how such agronomic conditions could impact results.


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