• Jun 24, 2016

Harness the Power of Photosynthesis for Enhanced Yield Potential

Corn leaves
Photosynthesis is a key aspect of plant productivity. It is the process that plants use to transform sunlight into sugars, which are then used by the plant as energy to produce the biomass we harvest. Therefore anything we can do to increase the efficiency of photosynthesis throughout the season can help have a positive impact on crop yield.
Despite the many positive aspects of photosynthesis, it is a process that is highly sensitive to stresses throughout the season. Fortunately, there are several in-season management practices that can help carry your crops through those difficulties.
For example, applying a plant growth regulator (PGR) such as Ascend® can play a significant role in plant development, from helping fuel overall growth and stem elongation to stimulating the movement of sugars, signaling nutrient availability and promoting leaf greenness throughout a stressful season. PGRs can be applied in-furrow on corn, or foliar on corn and soybeans.
  • In-furrow applications of Ascend® PGR stimulates germination and root development at planting.
  • Foliar applications of Ascend® PGR during vegetative stages supports development as plants progress further into the growth cycle and in-furrow applications have run their course. Foliar applications nurture the newly developed leaves, especially those in the upper part of the plant, which are more active and important for supplying sugars to developing corn grains or soybean pods.   
  • Foliar applications at tassel or flowering help target leaves that support the grain or pod through maturity during another period of high stress. 
Now is also a key time to focus on other in-season management practices, such as plant nutrition.
If tissue sampling reveals nutrient deficiencies, foliar applications of Ascend® PGR provide an opportunity to apply micronutrients your plant may be hungry for. 
Yield potential is highest the day you plant the seed, as it is really about optimizing the genetic potential of the plant. Every day that follows is an opportunity for environmental stresses to limit that potential. The in-season management practices that we can employ to protect photosynthesis, improve water availability and support nutrient uptake are all valuable components of your toolkit.  
Contact your local WinField retailer to learn more about developing a healthy plant nutrition program with tools such as Ascend® PGR.