• Jun 09, 2017

Free Farmers from Data Duty

This is the first in a series of articles about how Answer Tech® Data Silo™ can enable you to help farmers leverage the power of the data they collect. Here, Teddy Bekele, vice president of IT for WinField United, discusses the fundamentals of Data Silo™.
I think it’s safe to say that most farmers who are avid users of ag technology would appreciate getting a lot more mileage out of their data. Often, they simply don’t have the time to set up systems, extract data from equipment, name files uniformly or ensure their data is accurate.
Fortunately, there is help available — both for you as an ag retailer and for the farmers you work with.
Answer Tech® Data Silo™ is a cloud-based data-management system that can be used simply for secure data storage. However, it can also be used with other tools to leverage data and make that data work harder, providing farmers with the edge they need to take their operations to the next level.
Harnessing data’s potential
Data Silo™ allows retailers and farmers to turn disconnected information that has already been gathered — such as seeding and application rates, and yield results — into usable data, and successfully integrate and synchronize new data as it’s received. There are many ways you can use Data Silo™ to help farmers stay on top of field issues throughout the season:
  • Store data in an organized fashion. Because it’s no longer on a hard drive, USB stick or some other sort of unconnected piece of hardware, data can be easily located and visualized.
  • Share data. This could mean that you have full access to the farmer’s data or partial access — as much as the farmer wants to designate. It is the farmer’s prerogative.
  • Connect other tools to Data Silo™. If a particular tool is connected to Data Silo™, information from that tool is transferred automatically. Information such as field boundaries, prescriptions, and tissue or soil sample results can be stored together and work synergistically. This is possible because Data Silo™ uses a universal language to communicate effectively with other tools and platforms — a number of which can be found on the applications page of answertech.com.  
  • Share information between tools to get the big picture. For example, if a farmer has extracted yield data from the combine, the farmer can now send that data to the R7® Tool Profitability Map via Data Silo™. This allows him or her to spatially correlate input costs with yield map data to determine the parts of the field that were the most and least profitable.
Cement your crucial advisory relationships with farmers. Use Data Silo™ to help your customers grow, and to help bring your retail business’s tech strategy to life.

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