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Expect More From Your Retailer

2019 presented farmers and retailers alike with continued weather and market-induced headwinds. You’re likely facing challenges and uncertainty that require you to set the bar higher in order to achieve the goals of your operation. If your ag retailer is just someone you buy inputs from, you may want to consider the value the right retail partner can add to your business — and I would humbly suggest you should be demanding the same level of passion and commitment from your retailer that you do of yourself.

As someone who works for a member-owned ag retailer, I feel an incredible responsibility to advocate for and support the farmers I work with. My co-op, Central Farm Service, was thrilled to appear on a recent 60 Minutes episode that highlighted how farmers are doing their jobs more sustainably and efficiently with the help of technology—specifically the technology that Central Farm Service offers. Staying up-to-date on technology is just one way retailers can help farmers like you stay ahead.

Here are some other things you may want to expect of your retail partners:

Top-notch service

If your retailer is not advancing your operation while providing a service at a competitive price, they’re not doing their job. It isn’t unreasonable for you to expect transparent and responsive service from your retailer—if it feels like your retail partner is stuck in the Stone Age you can bet that your operation will be too. There will always be limitations of what mother nature or the economics will allow, so aligning your operation with a retailer focused on service can help you mitigate those dynamics better. You’ll benefit most from those retailers that are constantly learning, evolving and adapting to set you up for success in the future by mirroring the moves you are making on your farm.

This has been one of the most challenging years I can remember, and our farmer-owned co-op feels the pain that many of our farmer-customers do. Nonetheless, your retailer’s primary goal should be to empower you to run your business as profitably as you can. That means providing the data and insights you need to weigh your options, make informed decisions, and mitigate the risks you’re facing. If your retailer is not leading with data on your farm, you may be missing out on the best competitive advantage available.

Preparation for the future

Our industry is changing rapidly. The way you want to do business is likely changing as well. Technology is making it easier than ever to stay connected and improve efficiency on the farm. Ag technology will become even more important for you to remain profitable in the future, which means retailers need to be in-tune with how ag tech tools are evolving. The right technology and data paired with local retail partners will help you manage every acre more precisely, driving down the cost of production and maximizing your profitability potential — the data doesn’t lie!

Strong partnerships

WinField United has a network of retailers that can give you access to the industry’s best data, latest research, state-of-the-art technology tools and local agronomic experts. These retailers, much like Central Farm Service, are committed to supporting you with economical solutions and recommendations that make the most sense for your acres. If you’re interested in learning more about how a WinField United retailer can take your operation to the next level, find a location near you.

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