• Jan 06, 2016

CROPLAN® Corn Seed vs. The Other Guys: No Contest

close up on soybeans
Seed selection is one of the most important decisions you make — and you might be making those critical choices right now. Every facet of your management plan hinges on the seed you select for each field, which makes the extraordinary performance of CROPLAN® seed in 2015 Answer Plot® Program trials such great news at this time of year. Here are a few highlights.
  • Side-by-side Corn Hybrid Trial comparisons of the top five performing hybrids across Answer Plot® locations found that CROPLAN® seed yielded an average of nearly 6.9 bushels per acre (bu/A) more than a leading national competitor.
  • The Red River Valley of North Dakota and Minnesota was home to the greatest CROPLAN® yield advantage over the competition, with the top five CROPLAN® corn hybrids outpacing the top five competitor hybrids by an average of 15.6 bu/A.
  • Performance for CROPLAN® corn hybrids in the 105-days-and-less category was extraordinary.
    • Illinois: 11.9 bu/A advantage over top competitor hybrids
    • North Dakota and South Dakota: 11.1 bu/A advantage over top competitor hybrids
    • Wisconsin: 7.4 bu/A advantage over top competitor hybrids
    • Minnesota: 6.2 bu/A advantage over top competitor hybrids
Farmers in my area of the Dakotas and Montana experienced significant variations in temperature and rainfall throughout the 2015 season, ending with above-average temperatures and below-average precipitation. Many of our corn products showed the ability to handle the extra stress and heavy winds. The first product that really stood out for us was CROPLAN® 2845SS/RIB. We continue to have solid results with it, from performance to economics to standability.

CROPLAN® 4099SS/RIB and 4199SS/RIB performed especially well in South Dakota and the eastern portion of North Dakota. Early season corn hybrids such as CROPLAN® 2123VT2P/RIB and 1925VT2P/RIB continue to be at the top of the charts in data from our Answer Plot® Program and on-farm insight trials. Talk with your WinField representative about the best seed choices for your farm, and see 2015 Answer Plot® Program results for your area at answerplot.com.