• Jan 10, 2017

Cooperative Optimizes ROI With Precision Tools

Farmers across the country are challenging their industry partners to help them get the best return from their input investments. The key to meeting this challenge for Midwest Farmers Cooperative is precision agriculture.
This southeastern Nebraska cooperative combines a variety of ag technology tools with its staff’s agronomic expertise to help its customers make tough decisions with confidence and manage each acre more precisely.
Defining Goals
A crucial first step for Midwest Farmers staff is helping customers define their crop production goals. Using the R7® Tool, they evaluate each customer’s operation to determine objectives and strategies for precisely matching inputs to field conditions to optimize yield potential.
Midwest Farmers agronomists help farmers confidently make critical input decisions for seed, crop nutrients, crop protection and more, based on millions of data points from the Answer Plot® Program, which are accessible through the R7® Tool. This knowledge helps farmers target seed placement precisely, using the right population to capture optimum yield potential.
Exploiting In-Season Technology
Throughout the season, Midwest Farmers staff combine satellite imagery and high-tech scouting tools to identify and efficiently rectify issues that can limit yield.
  • Pinpointed scouting. The cooperative uses Climate FieldView™ Plus, available through the R7® Tool, to combine field data with real-time and historic soil, crop and weather information to gain the insights needed to prioritize opportunities while zeroing in on areas of concern.
  • Accurate nitrogen levels. By tracking nitrogen levels based on applications, crop stage and weather conditions with the Nitrogen Advisor feature of Climate FieldView™, the cooperative’s agronomists help customers identify how much – and where – nitrogen is needed and will deliver the greatest returns. Grid sampling tools, such as SST software, are used to monitor nutrient levels and make specific adjustments before yields are affected.
  • Precise variable-rate applications. After grid sampling helps pinpoint where nitrogen is needed, R7® Tool technology is used to create variable-rate fertilizer prescriptions to deliver the best return potential from this crucial input.
  • Smooth data delivery. Midwest Farmers staff help their customers easily access yield data with tools such as Climate FieldView™ Drive and Climate FieldView™ Cab. These tools allow farmers to view, edit and install prescriptions directly from their cabs and wirelessly transfer data during harvest at the touch of a button.
For more information on how to use any of these tools with your customers, contact your local WinField® United agriculture technology specialist.