• May 31, 2016

AgVeritas® App Review

I used AgVeritas® with several farmers following the 2015 season and was impressed with the level of information it provided. AgVeritas® is an excellent tool for farmers who want to dive deeper into the data they collect and capitalize on yield opportunities within each field.
With AgVeritas® we were able to analyze yield using spatial (geographic) sorting of field variability against various crop inputs and other production factors to establish what really paid off. While using the tool, some farmers discovered valuable data within their operation that wasn’t even being used.

Determining Input Value
In one situation, we looked at foliar nutrition application results with MAX-IN® ZMB plant nutrients. The trial included several strips in the field that delivered an average yield increase of 2.9 bushels per acre, with yield bumps ranging from .7 to 15 bushels. By pinpointing areas with the 15-bushel increase, AgVeritas helped the farmer identify the parts of his field to focus on for optimum returns this year.  

With another farmer, we looked at results from several different starter fertilizer scenarios he tested, measuring results between treated vs. untreated areas, and different starter rates. AgVeritas® not only measured application results, it also helped him correlate results with soil test information for broader agronomic insights.

Data Input
As with all tools, the more data you input, the more value the tool will provide. The farmer’s data had to be uploaded line-by-line, which became time-consuming. However, the company is working to streamline the input process and anticipates this function will become more streamlined in the future.

The Bottom Line
I believe AgVeritas® adds a piece of information that’s been missing by providing farmers with an easy-to-read field map that shows exactly where their inputs are paying off. With lower commodity prices, this type of precise information can help farmers optimize yield opportunities and make informed decisions to protect their bottom-line profits.

AgVeritas® is an excellent tool for farmers who want to dive deeper into the data they collect and capitalize on yield opportunities within each field.

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