• Jan 30, 2018

Acres of Insights, an ongoing series for retailers, applicators, and farmers, where we’ll share key learnings from this season and insights from thousands of acre

We’re gearing up for another round of Spray Clinics by WinField United, where experts will team up with retailers, farmers and applicators to discuss important spray topics for the 2018 season.
Technology will take center-stage at Spray Clinics as we look at new products, machinery and research that will help optimize spray programs. New regulations for in-season dicamba spraying will make decision-making and recordkeeping tools even more critical this season, and tech tools like in-cab weather stations and mobile apps give applicators new options for on-the-go field assessments.
Bring the Weather In
Weather stations have been around for quite a while, but new technology delivers real-time weather data directly to the sprayer cab. This allows operators to have a pulse on current conditions with the ability to make on-the-go application decisions. With more restrictive labels and an increasing number of acres of dicamba-tolerant beans planned for 2018, good planning and swift decision-making will be vital for successful weed control.
Mobile weather stations can also help streamline recordkeeping by documenting weather conditions during application. Users can even input specific parameters to get alerts when conditions are unfavorable for spraying. This increases efficiency and decreases the risk for off-target movement.
There’s an App for That
Farm productivity apps are certainly expanding their capabilities. Specific apps for spray applicators can gauge local weather conditions and can even indicate if the environment is favorable for temperature inversions that are of particular concern when spraying dicamba. One app, Pocket Spray Smart, by Agrible, can deliver current wind speed and inversion potential at boom height based on a sprayer’s specific location.
These are just a couple of examples of technology we’ll be highlighting at this year’s Spray Clinics. We’ll also be discussing a systems approach to spraying and how to optimize your program using products, nozzles, traits and technology that fit the needs of the acre. Check with your local retailer to find an event location near you.

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