Coming Soon: A New AgriMine® Experience

In support of WinField United’s Retail Data Standardization strategy for Crop Year 2024, the AgriMine® system is being enhanced and moved to a new home.  We will connect with you / your organization over the next few months on when, where, and how to access the improved AgriMine® system.

In the meantime, if you need to pull a report from Crop Year 2023 (or earlier), or access other information historically located here, please contact your WFU Sales Enablement Specialist for assistance. If you’re unsure who this is, contact

We appreciate your patience & partnership as we work to build the best AgriMine® experience possible.   WinField United is excited to step into this Retail Data Standardization journey with you. Please look for communication coming soon with details on what these changes entail & how to access AgriMine® going forward.