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  • Dec 30, 2015

WinField 5 for 2015: Pest

The Pest Control Market had a fair year with some unusual weather patterns, further consolidation and diversification of the market channels and the consistent growth in the rodent segment. This year we had a couple of fantastic new products introduced and some continued growth of a few of our best products and chemistries.

5. Combination Chemistry

In 2015 the premixed combinations of pyrethroids and Neonicitinoids continued to grow. Whether it was Tandem, Temprid or Transport all of the brands grew in the pest control segment. Applicators using this type of product realize better control of not only difficult pests but improved control of day to day general pests.  The synergies the two chemistries provide give the best performance and protection to customers. The combination of these to chemical classes is a brilliant innovation that benefits any type of applicator trying to control arthropod pests. The application expense is slightly higher but the savings on reduced call-backs is more than worth it.

4. Back Pack Misting for Mosquitoes

Other than bedbug work, no other segment within pest control grew like this one. Many pest control companies added this type of service to their existing business and there were many companies offering this service solely. This application primarily involves mist blowing adulticides to landing surfaces as well as treating any bodies of water/breeding sites that might be on the property. There are several products used for this application but regardless of product, Winfield’s proprietary products such as Aircover and Droplex can dramatically enhance applications through better coverage and penetration into canopies and other places mosquitoes rest.

3. Rodent Work

Protecta Evo Express – This novel and extremely efficient rodent station design brings value to Pest management professionals (PMP’s) through time savings. Time is saved in opening, cleaning and there is no need to spend time mounting the station to a block as it comes with one inside. The station is very easy to open with the newly designed key. Some cheaper stations the competition pushes are very difficult to open. The station is extremely easy to clean as there is a tray that can be lifted out to remove debris and clutter. Finally the lack of having to go to a box store buy blocks and then mount the blocks to a station is a huge time saver. The proof that this station is the best on the market is how our customers are buying them. In 2015 Winfield saw a large increase in purchases of this product. As a group we bought 67% more stations from Bell than the same time period last year. It is our number one selling station and the best value we can provide for our customers in securing their rodenticides. Rodent work on the whole is growing for us. We had an increase of 97% in purchases of Contrac Blox and a 66% increase in purchases of Final Blox over 2014. As our cities and urban sprawls grow, so do the rodent populations. At Winfield, we mitigate plagues. This is a rodent plague and we are providing the solutions for it.

2. Prescription Treatment Alpine Pressurized Fly Bait.

The Alpine line of products had some nice growth for us in 2015. However, no product showed as much promise or spectacular control as Alpine Pressurized Fly Bait. Read about My Fruit Fly Invasion Here.

1. Zyrox® Fly Bait

Zyrox® is an exciting new solution for House fly control. It is a granular fly bait that utilizes a novel active ingredient, Cyantraniliprole in a new class of chemistry. This new active causes calcium depletion in the fly’s muscles which leads to paralysis and death. Most fly populations now have varying degrees of resistance to Neonicitinoids and Carbamates. Flies have no known resistance to Cyantraniliprole. Zyrox® is also a reduced risk product by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and it doesn’t even have a signal word because of its excellent environmental profile. For more information on Zyrox® click here.


This year we had a couple of fantastic new products introduced and some continued growth of a few of our best products and chemistries.

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