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  • Dec 29, 2015

WinField 5 for 2015: Ornamental

In 2015 we got comfortable with some new chemistries and found alternative uses for older products. Below find my “WinField 5 2015” – these are my top products from the year.


Mainspring insecticide from Syngenta launched in October 2014. It is a welcome tool in the ongoing challenge to replace neonicotinoid chemistries. Cyantraniliprole, is the first active in the diamide group of insecticides for this market. This was the first full year of Mainspring after launching in late 2014. The future looks bright as we saw 2015 EOP sales grew more than 380% over same period the prior year. The Mainspring label includes lace bugs and leaf feeding caterpillars. But we like it best for thrips and whitefly control.


Maybe no company knows more about algae control than BioSafe Systems, LLC. Greenclean Pro is not a new product, but sometimes products find new value as markets evolve and this one saw a leap in usage this year (a 385% growth from our perspective). Spraying your algae control products is not always possible when the greenhouse is full. Greenclean Pro users appreciate the ease of this granular form of sodium carbonate peroxyhydrate. You will love the versatility of Greenclean Pro to broadcast under benches.

#3 XXpire WG

One of the insecticides to make the biggest splash in 2015 is now on hiatus. Dow AgroSciences launched XXpire WG in September 2014. The product found an immediate fit in growers’ spray rotations with dual modes of action come from spinetoram and the new Isoclast active. While effective against a range of pests, we targeted whiteflies, aphids, thrips and worms. With reasonable pricing and safe usage with most beneficials, XXpire WG was a hit in nurseries and greenhouses. The future for this product is uncertain, until then, thank you for 2015 XXpire WG.

#2 Gravity® SL PGS

A little fertilizer and your fungicide of choice is basically what we had to stimulate root growth in the past. Then came Gravity® SL PGS. WinField launched its new formulation in 2015 and saw sales grow more than 400%. The improved, clear formulation is safer on sensitive plants and more stable in storage. Gravity® SL PGS is a proprietary blend of cytokinin, gibberellic acid, and indole-3-butyric acid. These hormones push roots in propagated cuttings and increase germination rates of seeds. But the volume of Gravity SL PGS targeted root stress events such as transplanting and root rot.

#1 Sultan

A significant pest in the greenhouse nursery market is the twospotted spidermite (Tetranychus urticae). Enormous amounts of money are spent controlling this pest, so it is no wonder that BASF’s new miticide Sultan™ launched to an eager grower audience. The active ingredient, cyflumetofen, targets Tetranychids, including twospotted spidermites, and little else. Sultan is gentle on predator mites and control lasts as long as 21 days. When other products struggled, Sultan was the can’t-miss miticide of 2015.

So, that’s my “WinField 5 for 2015.” How do these products compare to your top five? If you test and spray regular crop protection products, drop me a note and let me know if I got it right or what you would add to the list.

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In 2015 we got comfortable with some new chemistries and found alternative uses for older products. Below find my “WinField 5 2015” – these are my top products from the year.