• Agriculture Technology
  • May 09, 2018

Use the R7 Tool to Guide Fertilizer Recommendations

As you know, trends in nutrient status can change year-to-year based on crop, soil type, region and weather patterns. The NutriSolutions® icon within the R7® Tool lets you pull historical tissue sample results for your farmers to help establish trends to guide fertilizer applications. You’re also able to view in-season nutrient snapshots based on data from the NutriSolutions database.
The tool allows multiple queries, so you can pull data by growing season, state and even the specific growers you are working with. You can narrow your search by indicating which nutrient, crop and growth stage you’d like more information about. If you’re looking for trends across a wider geography, the “View entire NutriSolutions dataset” box runs reports and maps of nutrient status across all states.

After populating your search query, the real power of this tool becomes apparent. The status markers indicate the exact locations of the pulled sample and are color coordinated to represent deficient, responsive, adequate and excessive sample results.

By clicking on an individual color marker, you can see the nutrient table diagram for the sample, which also includes other basic sample information.
The NutriSolutions dataset within the R7 Tool allows you to use historical information to anticipate what nutrients may be lacking in fields to mitigate potential problems. It’s a useful resource to help make precise nutrient recommendations and to deliver nutrient status reports to farmers in a comprehensive visual format. 

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