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Use Real-Time Harvest Data to Compare Seed Options

Two men in cornfield checking moisture levels
Combines have started rolling, and we’re getting our first glimpses of product performance. Every year, the Answer Plot® program generates thousands of data points across a wide spectrum of geographies and environments. That data drives the output of many of the R7® Tool functionalities, including the Performance Mapper, Top 10 function and Corn Characterization Charts (CHT Tool). Growers can leverage this localized data to make informed seed decisions sooner.
This year, we’ll be adding new corn and soybean products to the R7 Tool for comparison. Within a week of harvesting at an Answer Plot location, the data is available in the Performance Mapper and Top 10 function in R7. You can use this data to help compare product performance as you start thinking about seed purchases for next year.
Understanding where hybrids and varieties perform best can help you capitalize on your seed’s genetic potential. The Performance Mapper tool lets you see yield results by location and includes data from Answer Plot locations, as well as on-farm insights trials. The Top 10 function was designed to provide a quick glance at top-performing hybrids in specific areas and give general management tips for these products. The CHT Tool provides a more in-depth look at how products performed in different environments and gives more comprehensive placement information.
By using the Performance Mapper, Top 10 and CHT capabilities in the R7 Tool, you can visually compare the performance of multiple products to find the best fit for your acres. You can see where products worked best by adding spatial layers such as soil and weather information.
As harvest wraps up, expect to see new yield and performance data available in the CHT Tool. Speak with your local WinField United retailer to learn how you can use the R7 Tool for guiding seed purchases and placement next season.  

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