• Apr 25, 2016

Use R7® Tool Trial Acres to Increase Sales

Delivering value to a farmer starts with creative problem solving backed by strong data. Using trial acres from the R7® Tool, whether on a farmer’s own operation or from a previous trial, can help you address tough issues or optimize yield. And by essentially letting the farmer take a test drive with various products, using trial acres can open the door for increased sales of key products: seed; seed treatments, adjuvants, micronutrients, plant growth regulators (you may hear your WinField representative refer to these as STAMPS); herbicides, insecticides and fungicides; and ag technology.

For instance, you may be able to identify farmers who are still interested in trying variable-rate seeding this season. Many may be hesitant because they don’t know what hybrids or populations will work on their acres. By using the R7® Tool and Answer Plot® data, you can identify hybrids that match their soil types, fertility, yield environments and previous crops. Then, with the help of the farmer, you can use historical satellite images and soil maps to identify zones and create a prescription that matches the inputs with the yield goals of those zones.

After that, you can use early in-season images to identify areas of the field that may be encountering weed or insect pressure. You can also use these maps to better scout the field and pull tissue samples in appropriate areas. These tissue samples might show deficiencies in nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium or other micronutrients, indicating that a MAX-IN® micronutrient addition to the tank may be advantageous while applying a herbicide or an insecticide. The response to fungicide scores in the R7® Tool can produce hybrid-specific data to help farmers make decisions about the most appropriate fungicide application.

If a farmer doesn’t wish to do variable-rate planting or applications on a large scale, another option might be to split the field in half, using variable-rate seeding and/or application rate on one side and a flat seeding and/or application rate on the other side, then comparing the results.

Using data from R7® Tool trial acres is a great way to differentiate yourself with farmers who are already using technology. At the same time, you have a chance to discuss the right seed for each of their acres and possibly help them out with a variable-rate prescription. After planting, you can use in-season imagery from the tool to identify problems that may arise and, paired with scouting and tissue sampling, provide additional recommendations. 

If you are trialing new products and placements with farmers, remember to use the R7® Tool to validate your recommendation, and continue to monitor in-season progress, yield and profitability data. A Profitability Map is included with the R7® Tool. At the end of the season, you can input the farmer’s yield data into the map to determine if using variable-rate seeding or applications helped improve return on investment. Farmers like seeing data — particularly when it can be tied to ROI.

To learn more about using R7® Tool trial acres with farmers and how this data can help inform their crop management decisions, contact your local WinField representative.

Use R7® Tool Trial Acres to Increase Sales

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