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Use In-Season Tools to Illuminate Opportunities

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During the growing season, every minute counts. Many times, extra hands are hard to come by and more hours in the day are not an option. However, quality technology that is properly leveraged can quickly detect field problems and successes to help you know exactly where to focus your management efforts and limited time.
The R7® Tool by WinField United contains features that can help you and your trusted advisor gather multiple data points from your fields, enabling both of you to see the big picture and specific details, and take any necessary action in a timely manner. Here are quick snapshots of two capabilities.

In-season imagery: assess needs, make adjustments

The R7® Field Monitoring Tool uses daily, low-resolution satellite imagery to benchmark fields based on biomass accumulation. Featuring a multi-field dashboard, the Field Monitoring Tool displays day-to-day performance of all the fields on a particular farm or in a designated area, alerting farmers to areas that may require immediate attention to preserve yield potential. The tool also helps prioritize tasks for increased productivity.
R7 Tool in-season imagery directs you to specific zones in your fields, providing a window into plant biomass levels so you can see variability across the field due to things like disease, insect pressure, storm damage or nutrient deficiencies. The R7 Tool delivers images at 5 meters, giving you a detailed look at each field’s management zones. Your location is pinned as you and your agronomist walk through the field, so you always know precisely where problem areas lie. Scouting notes and pictures can be taken with the R7 Tool to document findings and keep records of field variability throughout the season.
Knowing the biomass levels of your fields helps determine if and where tissue samples need to be taken, and indicates how to manage inputs for the remainder of the season. For example, if you should be applying variable-rate nitrogen or a fungicide to manage disease pressure. Use the Field Monitoring Tool to be more specific in identifying fields that need immediate attention, and R7 in-season imagery to correct a problem or to change a management practice within a specific field. 

Gauge crop performance and ROI

The R7® Field Forecasting Tool is a crop model that lets you manage water and nutrient applications in individual fields throughout the season. Focusing on nitrogen, potassium and water, the Field Forecasting Tool allows you to drill down on timing and rates of those inputs to reach your yield goals. It also enables you to factor in your particular crop management practices to create a more complete picture of what you need to do to enhance field success. 
Talk with your local WinField United retailer to find out more about leveraging the R7 Tool and its features to help you optimize ROI potential in 2021.
This article was originally published in April 2018 and was updated in June 2021.
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