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  • Jul 27, 2023

Unleashing Weed Warfare: PrecisionPac® herbicides from FMC Empower Farmers with Even Greater Customized Control!


Move over, six-packs; it's time for the all-new seven-pack! PrecisionPac herbicide from FMC is stepping up its game for 2024, expanding its granular herbicide lineup to include seven active ingredients. With the power to create up to 20 different custom blends, PrecisionPac is giving farmers unparalleled flexibility and weed terrorization.  

Hidden in the crop protection shed, the game-changing PrecisionPac machine pre-measures and mixes custom herbicide blends, eliminating the hassle of manual preparation. Designed to package custom blends for various weed spectrums, field sizes, and sprayer tanks, it offers farmers unmatched convenience and ease of use.

PrecisionPac has redefined weed control by introducing a new level of customization. Empowering farmers with the ability to tailor herbicide blends to meet the specific needs of each crop and field, sets a new standard in battling weeds. With the recent addition of the new Group 14 actives to its ingredient lineup, PrecisionPac enables growers to conquer even the most challenging weed problems such as kochia. 

"We're very excited about the addition of carfentrazone and sulfentrazone to our PrecisionPac lineup," says Jordan Wolkowski PrecisionPac Product Manager with FMC.

The flexibility offered by PrecisionPac herbicides empowers farmers to fully customize their weed control strategies. Gone are the days of a one-size-fits-all approach; with PrecisionPac, growers can tailor their herbicide blends to suit their unique requirements. 

One of the standout features of PrecisionPac is the ability to select carfentrazone rates. Farmers can choose between a standard 9g rate or a higher 18g rate, depending on the weed spectrum and specific field conditions. This level of customization ensures optimal weed control and efficient use of resources. 

PrecisionPac has been a popular choice among farmers for years due to its waste-reducing capabilities. With pre-measured custom blends dispensed into convenient, disposable bags*, growers buy only what they need for each field, eliminating leftover product. This approach maximizes control over weed populations while minimizing the impact on the environment and cost to farmers. 

The simplicity of PrecisionPac extends beyond customization. Farmers can effortlessly apply the prescribed acreage amount into the sprayer without the need for measurement. The personalized blends are tailored to each field and operation, making application a breeze.

Moreover, patented Solumax® soluble granules dissolve completely into solution during mixing, enhancing weed control and simplifying sprayer clean-out. 

For maximum efficacy with PrecisionPac herbicides, it is crucial to refer to the label instructions to determine whether a surfactant is necessary and at what rate it should be used. Adding a surfactant enhances the herbicide's effectiveness, leading to superior weed control. For instance, when tackling wild buckwheat and volunteer canola with PP-2525 herbicide, incorporating HiActivate® into the tank will yield improved results. 

FMC's PrecisionPac has revolutionized weed control in agriculture, offering farmers a customizable and flexible solution to combat weeds effectively.

With its expanded active ingredient lineup and easy-to-use blends, PrecisionPac empowers growers to tailor their tank mix, minimize waste, and maximize control. By leveraging the power of customization, farmers can now face weed challenges head-on and secure success in their fields. 

*PrecisionPac bags can be recycled through Clean Fields. 

Featuring: Jordan Wolkowski, PrecisionPac Product Manager, FMC

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