• Apr 02, 2020

Turf Grass 101 for Kids – Episode 1

Turf Grass 101 Text with Grass Cartoon Character

Did you know the first lawn was created by Thomas Jefferson at his home in Monticello? Or that a 2500 square foot lawn provides enough oxygen for a 4 person family?

Join Bruce Jump, Turf Seed Product Manager at WinField United, for 20 minutes to hear more interesting facts about your lawn and different types of turf within the US. It's fun, it's interesting, it's educational. Nature is Neat!

Do you have questions about your lawn? Or did you take the temperature of your lawn? Reach out to us at winfieldpro@landolakes.com to submit your questions and/or temperatures of your lawn for Mr. Bruce. He will read a few on his next episode!

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