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  • Feb 05, 2016

The Winning Recipe for Your Spray Tank

Spring is upon us and with that comes necessary planning for the most effective, easily-mixed line up in your spray tank. Our WinField® experts have created the “winning recipe,” designed to give you great results. See what our experts have to say about some of their favorite products in the program:

Gravity L 38 Special: Cornerstone of Plant Nutrition
“Applications of phosphite products are frequently made in combination with micronutrients. Gravity L 38 Special’s patented stabilized formulation keeps micronutrients in suspension. In non-stabilized phosphite products, micronutrients settle out in as little as 10 minutes resulting in possible fluctuations in the concentration of the applied nutrients. 38 Special also carries a greater load of phosphite per gallon allowing for use rates as low as 1 oz./M. Quality ingredients, proven performance make 38 Special the cornerstone of a successful plant nutritional program.”
Rich Joslin
Golf/Lawn & Turf
Rochester, NY
mark guyer

Top Choice: Full Year Golf Course Insecticide
“It is known to control two very nuisance Florida pests (among a long list of others): Mole Crickets and Imported Fire Ants. The fire-ant control is also guaranteed for an entire year, and backed by Bayer – so in the event of a ‘breakthrough’ – they will provide extra product to the end user to rectify the issue. Even though the Active Ingredient (Fipronil) has been around for more than a decade, TopChoice represents one of only a few pesticides labeled for golf course use, at least in-so-much that it is guaranteed for a full calendar year!”
Mark Guyer
Golf/Lawn & Turf
Plant City, FL

Defendor 4x1: Winter Weed Control
“Compatible with iron in your tank and it’s a great winter weed control.”
Shane Riley
Golf/Lawn & Turf
Seattle, WA

WF Gravity 38-Special: Superb Ease of Use
“I would use Gravity L 38-Special because of its ease of use. Not only does it carry a high concentration of Phosphorous Acid, but it is also buffered in a way that allows stable tank mix combinations with fertilizers and other pesticides.”
Brad Smith and Brad Smith’s Customers
Golf/Lawn & Turf
Plymouth, MN

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Spring is upon us and with that comes necessary planning for the most effective, easily-mixed line up in your spray tank.

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