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  • Apr 10, 2017

The WinField United Top 5 - Nursery & Greenhouse Products

We are back again with our 2nd annual WinField United 5 best nursery and greenhouse products. 2016 was another great year for new chemistries and expanding usage of other recently released products.

Azaguard is a botanical insecticide/nematicide from BioSafe Systems LLC. There are several trade names of azadirachtin available. In AzaGuard we see a product combining the best features of all the others. AzaGuard is labeled for at least 24 of our most common insect pests. A short REI (only 4 hours), safe formulation and one of the best price points available for this mode of action make this a great insect growth regulator (IGR). Not only is it labeled for ornamentals but also herbs and vegetables.

Mural is the new combo fungicide from Syngenta. It delivers the proven performance of Heritage’s azoxystrobin with new active benzovindiflupyr. Mural first hit shelves in February and flew out the door shortly after. The dual modes of action offer great systemic activity and help growers manage resistance. Another product with a broad label, growers spray or drench this fungicide on ornamentals and some vegetables. A user friendly pack size ensures this will be a popular product at WinField United for years to come.

At WinField United we continued our commitment to investing in the professional market releasing our newest, best in class adjuvant, Droplex® Xtra. Droplex® Xtra is a combination adjuvant system that offers the surfactant benefits of spreading on the leaf surface, spray protection against UV degradation, foam reduction and odor neutralization in the tank. Placed in combination with the drift and canopy penetration properties of Droplex® and you get the best adjuvant system available in the greenhouse/nursery market today. And the only product of its kind in this class.

Segway O changed supplier hands and came onto the ornamental market in early 2015. In a case of great timing, OHP breathed new life into the marketing of this product around the same time reports of pythium control issues started popping up. Enter Segway O. The active ingredient, cyazofamid, is a group 21 fungicide targeting pythium, phytophthora and downy mildew, commonly known as the water molds. Segway O has limited systemic activity, but can be sprayed or drenched at low use rates. We especially like this product for pythium and phytophthora.

Mainspring GNL is the only product returning from our WinField 5 in 2015 due to the jump in grower acceptance. Mainspring GNL is our new solution of choice if you want to replace the neonicotinoid chemistry. The systemic active ingredient, cyantraniliprole, supports foliar and soil applications. Mainspring GNL targets pests such as whiteflies, thrips, caterpillars, leafminers and aphids among others. This unique group 28 insecticide is safe on beneficial predators and labor (4-hour REI). As we enter the Spring shipping season, it is a great time to try Mainspring GNL. Then, ask your WinField United rep about timing your purchases to max out Early Order Program benefits to capture significant discounts.

This year we are looking forward to other strong products like Orkestra and Segovis, as well as, additions from a major new industry partner in Bayer. But don’t wait for next year’s WinField United 5. Find other helpful blogs at www.winfieldunitedpro.com and follow along on Twitter @winfieldpro and my account, @_tylerchandler.

?We are back again with our 2nd annual WinField 5 best nursery and greenhouse products.