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  • Oct 28, 2022

The Proof is in the Pudding - 2022 CROPLAN Field Trials

Harvest is an exciting time; crops are coming off; true yield is determined and field trial results are coming in. CROPLAN® has field-proven products that are packed with high-yield potential and leading-edge technology.

Canola Trial Results
“This year we saw CROPLAN CP21L3C and CP22T1C as front runners in yield against industry standards, performing particularly well in Alberta. These two products are a great fit to deliver yield in areas where clubroot is a concern,” says Colin Cameron, Market Development Manager with WinField United Canada.

If you are looking to keep pace with clubroot race shift, CP22T1C is a TruFlex™ hybrid that has been developed for early maturity, with an advanced clubroot package and strong pod integrity. With the flexibility for straight-cutting or swathing, our trial results show this hybrid also delivers on yield.

Choosing more than one canola hybrid to plant is a strong risk management strategy. Finding the right hybrid for your operation and conditions is vital and we believe in supplying on-the-ground data for your area to inform your decisions.

“On-the-ground data is so valuable when you are making the seeding decisions for next year. When you can see which hybrids have been successful in your area you can use that to help you prepare for the challenges you face and the systems you use on your farm. Whether that is the disease pressure present, your weed management system or your harvest timing that dictates your ability to swath or straight cut. The CROPLAN portfolio offers you flexibility and solutions,” says Cameron.

Soybean Trial Results
This year’s trial results have shown the value of using CROPLAN’s unique WinPak as a management strategy for your soybeans. A WinPak is a blend of two separate soybean varieties based on complementary agronomics in one convenient bag. The complimentary agronomics can be a variety’s disease tolerance, drought tolerance, standability or yield.

“The goal of the WinPak is overall field consistency. This strategy embraces the fact that no soybean is perfect for all sources of stress in a field. Because field conditions naturally vary throughout, there may be low parts holding water and disease and high parts that are dry and droughty, considering the field as a whole and utilizing a WinPak   manages your risk and gives you a yield bump,” says Jody Jury, Market Development Manager with WinField United Canada.

WinPaks continue to impress growers across Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec. On average we are seeing a two to three-bushel increase from the WinPak versus the separate components. In one high input field in Ontario, a seven-bushel increase was recorded.

“That’s the value of a WinPak,” says Jury. “No matter the field conditions you face, you’ll always have the right bean for the job.”

We are proud to work with our owners to collect and evaluate local data to determine the best varieties for your growing region so you can make the most effective agronomic decisions. Our 2022 trial results are being updated regularly and this season we have seen our CROPLAN products deliver in the field; check it out for yourself on our trial page.

Featuring: Jody Jury, Market Development Manager (Manitoba) and Colin Cameron, Market Development Manager (Alberta) – WinField United Canada. 

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