• Agriculture Technology
  • Aug 28, 2018

Seven Years of Data-Backed Decisions

Aerial image of in-season cornfields
Since its introduction in 2011, the R7® Tool has evolved from a means of broadcasting Answer Plot® data to a wide audience and helping farmers make seed purchasing decisions into an industry-leading decision ag solution. Here’s a brief look at the tool’s growth over the years.
Going mobile
The R7 Tool began as a desktop application. But you know that farmers don’t sit at a desk much. The tool then moved into a tablet application, then to an application that could be used via desktop, laptop, tablet and, finally, to mobile phone, which allowed users to take notes and pictures in the field. We switched gears to respond to the way users wanted to interact with the tool.
In-season juggernaut
The R7 Tool then started providing farmers with placement insights followed by variable-rate prescriptions for seed and other inputs using historical satellite imagery. Most recently, we have turned it into a decision ag tool. So, it not only helps you choose the right seed for your fields, it also helps you manage the selected seed in-season by understanding its characteristics and how to best manage it to optimize production. In short, the R7 Tool can now support the decisions you make throughout the entire life cycle of your crop.
Soaring imagery
Seven years ago, the R7 Tool provided three to five satellite images per field per season. Today, the number of images is nearly 20 per field per season, depending on a farm’s location. This imagery is crucial in identifying how various areas of the field are performing so you and your trusted advisor know exactly what action is needed and where.
Valuable enhancements
The R7 Tool now houses other WinField United ag tech tools, including the R7 Field Monitoring Tool, the R7 Field Forecasting Tool and the NutriSolutions® app, which together enable optimal crop management throughout the year. These are capabilities we only dreamed about at the outset.
Deepening relationships
The R7 Tool helps advance the valuable relationship you have with your trusted advisor by enabling him or her to bring you unique insights. For example, our response-to scores, the ability to identify field trends and starting a tissue sampling order directly from the field allow the two of you to have conversations about your operation throughout the season. We believe that level of interaction is crucial in optimizing the ROI and yield potential of your fields.
Meeting you where you are
Not every farmer wants to be cutting-edge every day. Today’s economics require farmers to carefully consider which technologies are worth the investment. If you are a farmer who plants a certain type of seed and wants to continue planting that seed, we want to help you determine how to push it to the next level. For example, if you plant a variety with a high response to nitrogen, the R7 Tool and your agronomist can help you apply in-season nitrogen at the most opportune times to get optimal performance, which could be as high as an additional 90 bushels per acre for minimal cost depending on the environment and the farming practices applied. Now you’re pushing yourself to new heights.
To find out if you’re leveraging the R7 Tool as fully as you could, talk with your trusted advisor. See how using it to its full potential can help you realize yours.

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