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  • Jan 04, 2022

SECURE Program Combines Financial Support With Proven Agronomics

Corn field at harvest

Looking for a financing program that rewards good agronomic decisions? Look no further than your local WinField United retailer.


SECURE™ financing by WinField® United provides farmers with access to attractive, fixed-rate lines of credit for input purchases. The program combines financial backing with data-supported agronomics to help optimize ROI and realize an operation’s goals.  


Agronomics at the center

SECURE helps you do what’s best agronomically for your operation. With traditional loans, you could spend your allotted dollars prior to taking an action that might provide you with a better ROI — for example, making a fungicide application. With SECURE, you and your agronomist can factor in proven agronomic practices validated by the Answer Plot® program to help make the most appropriate decisions for your specific fields.


Holistic benefits and flexible payments

With SECURE financing, you can make payments on principal in February — after harvest. And SECURE financing is not provided by a banker, but through your local WinField United retailer who knows your goals and understands the requirements of your operation.


Easy process, broad product portfolio

Filling out a one-page application form is all you need to do to get started to fulfill your financing needs. Lines of credit are available for qualified operations that purchase WinField United-branded crop protection products, vended crop protection products sourced by WinField United, and CROPLAN® seed and partner-branded seed products sourced by WinField United. For large loans, lines of credit are available up to $2,000,000 (additional documentation, financial information and review are required).


Competitive rates

SECURE financing helps farmers capitalize on interest rates as low as 0% for an A rating and 2% for a B rating and still capture full early-order markdowns. Financing can be used to take advantage of prepay discounts from manufacturers and provides a simple, single point of financing for all seed and crop protection purchases, making on-farm bookkeeping easier. Fertilizer financing is also available at a market rate.


Since the pilot program was launched in 2016, WinField United has allocated more than $1 billion in potential financing through SECURE to help farmers reach their operation’s goals. Talk with your local trusted advisor today to find out more about SECURE financing and how it could benefit you and your operation this season.


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