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  • Jul 27, 2023

Safeguarding Canadian Pulses: ADAMA’s Pulse Crop Protection Portfolio


Canadian pulse growers no longer need to feel limited in their crop protection options, thanks to ADAMA's game-changing solutions.

Leveraging the world's largest library of actives, ADAMA offers a broad range of innovative choices, empowering pulse growers with the freedom to choose what works best for them. Say goodbye to restrictive crop input bundles and programs and hello to a world of exceptional ADAMA alternatives.

Melissa Ostash, Technical Sales Agronomist with ADAMA, shares the benefits of using their products to safeguard your entire pulse crop portfolio.  

“ADAMA has an option for every stage of pulse growing and growers are not locked into a program either, which is an added benefit. Whether it’s pre-seed, in-crop options, insecticides, fungicides, or post-harvest, we have options for all pulse growers,” explains Ostash. 

“ADAMA is focusing on a comprehensive full-spectrum pulse portfolio in Canada. With that comes our commitment to new products and innovative technology for managing weed resistance, diseases and pests.” 

"Our pulse protection portfolio continues to expand,” shares Ostash. “Looking ahead to 2024, ADAMA has a multi-mode fungicide that is currently in development. This product is called Maxentis® and will be used for resistance management and will feature two modes of action, Propiconazole and Azoxystrobin.” 

Ostash highlighted that trial data is in full swing at ADAMA as they are currently compiling 50 Maxentis trials across Western Canada in both peas and lentils. Zeroing in on trial and demo programs, ADAMA is collecting localized data that can be summarized and shared with growers and distributors.  

ADAMA continues to push the boundaries of innovation by blending the best of old and new technologies to develop exciting new products. DAVAI A PLUS™, a crop protection product that hit the market in 2023, is a leading example of this.

The new product is a broad-spectrum herbicide solution with two modes of action, imazamox and clethodim, providing an unstoppable attack on even the toughest weeds. DAVAI A PLUS incorporates a built-in adjuvant for added convenience, ensuring effective control over a wide range of tough grasses and targeted broadleaf weeds. It is registered for imi-tolerant lentils, peas and soybeans. 

When it comes to mitigating pulse disease risks in Western Canada, ADAMA stands as a steadfast ally for growers. Currently, ADAMA’s main fungicide products are Maxentis, SORATEL™ and TOPNOTCH™.  

Ostash provided insights on the proper applications of these products.

“If it is a year of high potential disease, once it is registered, we recommend Maxentis as a first application followed by a second application of SORTATEL. If there is moderate disease risk, we recommend applying SORATEL on its own. And lastly, if it is low disease risk, we recommend growers use Topnotch to prevent early season pulse diseases.” 

In the dynamic world of pulse crop protection, ADAMA shines as a reliable partner, offering a comprehensive portfolio tailored for every stage of the pulse crop growing journey. From pre-seed preparation to post-harvest tasks, their innovative solutions stand ready to tackle any challenge that comes your way.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to explore ADAMA's remarkable pulse crop protection portfolio. Embrace the power of innovation and let ADAMA lead you towards a thriving pulse crop harvest!

To learn more about their product offerings, visit: Crop Protection | ADAMA West Canada

Melissa Ostash, Technical Sales Agronomist, ADAMA

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