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  • Apr 28, 2022

Product Spotlight: Exhilarate


Getting the seed in the ground this year is what’s on everyone’s minds right now. But after you get your seeds in the ground and growing, you need to make sure you have a good plan to help control any pesky weeds that might pop up. 

Wheat and barley are two very prominent crops grown across Western Canada and dealing with broadleaf weeds in these crops is a high priority. Enter Exhilarate™ from Corteva® AgriScience. 

“Exhilarate is a Group 2 and 4 broadleaf herbicide product for wheat and barley. What we like about it is the fact that it covers a wide range of our weeds that grow in our area. That's one of the reasons we recommend it as much as we have over the last couple of years,” says Doug Kurtenbach, co-owner of Prairie Giant Crop Supply and head agronomist in Inglis, Man. 

Exhilarate is built to be a workhorse product, says Kelly Bennett, Western Canada herbicide category leader for Corteva. 

“It gets the most common annual broadleaf weeds it has suppression on some perennial broadleaf weeds as well, but it’s really meant to be the general-purpose broadleaf weed herbicide that will take care of the majority of your weed problems,” he explains. 

Exhilarate has the active Arylex™ and is a dry formulation, co-packaged with MCPA Ester. Arylex is not new to Corteva, it was first introduced in 2015, but the earlier version that was the equivalent of just Exhilarate A didn’t get great pick up in the market, says Bennett. 

“It seemed to be a bit confusing and really never caught on with farmers because of multiple timings and tank mixes,” notes Bennett. 

But with Exhilarate, it’s now a co-pack that’s a complete product, which farmers like. 

“Sometimes when we're working on a tank mix, they can get complicated with too many products. So, it’s nice that Exhilarate is convenient for the farmers as an all-in-one co-pack,” says Kurtenbach.  

Because of its convenience and the fact that covers many broadleaf weeds as well as grassy weeds like barnyard grass, it has become a top three product that Prairie Giants Crop Supply sells, says Kurtenbach. 

While farmers still need to make sure they’re using a good mix of products and using the product that’s agronomically correct for their farm, Exhilarate is a great product that can check a lot of boxes, says Kurtenbach. 

If you want to learn more about Exhilarate, check out the full details here. And if you want to find where you can get your hands on some this spring, find your local retailer here

Featuring: Doug Kurtenbach, co-owner and head agronomist – Prairie Giants Crop Supply 

Featuring: Doug Kurtenbach, co-owner and head agronomist – Prairie Giants Crop Supply

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