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Nutrient Trend Reports

WinField United advisor collecting tissue samples.

Make timely application decisions using local nutrient deficiency data.

Each season, the WinField® United NutriSolutions® tissue sampling program processes thousands of tissue samples. With this robust data base, we can pinpoint local trends to help you forecast and identify potential nutrient deficiencies in your fields.
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Should you identify a micronutrient deficiency, the MAX-IN portfolio of foliar-applied products provides effective solutions for every acre. From multi-nutrient mixes to single nutrient options, every MAX-IN product contains CornSorb® technology to help increase availability and uptake by plants.
MAX-IN® Boron
MAX-IN® Calcium
MAX-IN® Copper
MAX-IN® for Cotton NF
MAX-IN® Iron
MAX-IN® Manganese FOUR HW
MAX-IN® Ultra Manganese
MAX-IN® Magnesium
MAX-IN® Sulfur
MAX-IN® Zinc
MAX-IN® for Beans
MAX-IN® Vine and Vegetable
MAX-IN® Flexi Mn
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Sign up for the Nutrient Trend Report newsletter.

<p>Each report will include:</p> <ul class="list-point"> <li>Micronutrient deficiency data on a state-by-state basis.</li> <li>Actionable insights timed strategically to help inform timely application decisions.</li> <li>Agronomic advice from our experts.</li> <li>MAX-IN® micronutrient matchups to help you find the right solution for your crops’ deficiencies.</li> </ul>