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New App Makes Seed Data Easier to Access

R7 Tool Seed App screenshot of CHT capabilities
When you’re making seed selection decisions in the field with your agronomist, you want the ability to be flexible and to access timely information on the fly. Now you and your trusted advisor can download a new WinField® United app to help facilitate those important seed conversations.
Available for download through the Apple App Store, the R7® Tool Seed App allows you to view the WinField United Characterization Charts (CHT Tool), which uses up to three years of Answer Plot® data to compare CROPLAN® seed products to seed from other major companies. The app also includes the WinField United Top 10 feature, which provides a snapshot of top-performing hybrids in specific areas and on specific soil types.

User friendly, information rich

When you and your advisor are reviewing in-field conditions, the R7 Tool Seed App lets you easily have more informed conversations about what hybrids would work best in your fields, taking into account factors such as soil type and yield environment. Through response-to scores, you can determine how a particular hybrid will respond to nitrogen and fungicide applications to inform seed selection based on management style. These scores also measure response to continuous corn and response to population. And Answer Plot comparative data gives you an unbiased look at how CROPLAN hybrids perform next to other seed brands so you can make the best choices for your operation.

On-the-go access

You no longer have to go through a desktop computer or even a tablet to access these two features. The app is simple to use and intuitive, giving you quick answers to your seed questions. 
You can use the R7 Tool Seed App at any time of the year:
  • In the planter to make sure your seed populations are correct
  • In the field to look up response-to scores in-season
  • In the combine to determine how seed placement decisions made in the spring correlated to yield at harvest
  • At the kitchen table over the winter when you’re talking about seed placement with your agronomist
Note: Although you can download the app on your own, you’ll need to partner with your local WinField United retailer to access and work with the CHT Tool and Top 10 feature.

Our differentiator

At WinField United, we encourage collaboration regarding important seed purchasing decisions. Leverage the knowledge of your trusted advisor and his or her partnership so that together you can make the best choices for your operation. This is what the R7 Tool Seed App provides: proven data that enables you and your agronomist to make informed decisions throughout the year.
Download the R7 Tool Seed App now through the Apple App Store. For more information on how the app can work for you and your operation, talk with your trusted advisor.
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