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Manage Field Variability in Soybean Crops

CROPLAN retailer and grower discuss soybean seed.

It can be tricky to choose the right soybean variety for variable fields but there is a solution that’s proven to be effective: WinPak® soybean varieties by CROPLAN® seed. Each WinPak variety is a unique combination of two soybean varieties designed to address field variability and provide an exceptional level of stability, delivering high yield potential on productive acres and maintaining consistency on more challenging acres.

Manage variability, mitigate risk

Field variability can be difficult to manage and, in some situations, can cause pockets of high yields and areas of poor performance. Choosing a WinPak variety is a simple way to help mitigate risk in variable fields by leveling out those highs and lows. With the genetics of two different varieties in one bag, you can purchase one product and plant it on multiple soil types with varying stress loads and still get consistent performance.

How varieties are paired

When formulating a WinPak variety, we choose seed that’s complementary in terms of agronomic features, such as region-specific disease tolerance, heat and drought tolerance, standability and yield potential. We also select maturities carefully so the two varieties have a consistent drydown in the field to help eliminate harvest timing issues. Below is an example of how a WinPak variety can be formulated.

Chart showing examples of WinPak variety pairs.

Data-backed varieties

WinPak varieties are tested across the country through the Answer Plot® program and on-farm trials with up to three years of data behind them to prove their consistency of performance. Thousands of data points provide a unique opportunity to not only judge performance based on yield, but to also consider maturities, shatter scores and lodging potential in your decision-making to get the best defensive packages with the highest yield potential. A premium pairing of soybean seed varieties can provide consistently impressive yield potential that’s otherwise hard to find.

Regionalized soybean formulations and new WinPak offerings

At WinField United, we pride ourselves on offering highly localized seed for every acre. Due to regional demands, we’ve upgraded several WinPak varieties and replaced others. This year, we are expanding our portfolio and will offer eight new and four upgraded WinPak varieties nationwide.
Even on high-producing, high organic matter soils, having some genetic diversity in the field has proven to help improve yield potential. WinPak varieties started as an innovation to correct defensive acres and has since evolved into a seed combination that’s effective on both offensive and defensive acres.
WinPak varieties can help you capitalize on top-end yield potential in the better areas of the field and offer strong defense in areas where you have greater variability in soil types. The resilient varieties can also help manage the risk of factors out of your control like weather challenges. Talk with your local trusted advisor today about how WinPak varieties can support your 2022 soybean strategy.
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