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  • Feb 14, 2019

Looking to 2020: Updates on the 2019 Answer Plot Program

Answer Plot team preparing tests for 2019
Winter is a busy time for our Answer Plot® teams we plan, count and package trials to for the spring. Each year the Answer Plot program challenge is to anticipate the potential for crop success. We do this as part of our own quality assurance efforts and to help you improve your profitability. We look forward to warmer temperatures and planting, and to share seeing the test plots come to life. Here’s a preview of what’s coming to an Answer Plot location near you.
Characterization trials. These trials are the foundation of the Answer Plot program, and this year we’ll be adding the latest corn hybrids to help nail down management recommendations on new genetics. The characterization trials are unique because we take a deeper look at how different hybrids respond to planting population, nitrogen, fungicides and crop rotation. Because of that, the Answer Plot data gives more comprehensive management insights than you might get from standard yield data alone. The data points collected here feed into the R7® Tool and the Top 10 feature, which shows you how a hybrid performed in locations like yours.
Fungicide trials. Last year we saw the benefits of fungicides to yield bump.This year, we’ll be evaluating fungicide performance and plan to use our patented SkyWalker machines for a timing trial that will test how earlier applications of several new products compare to the standard application timing. In addition, numerous fungicides will be tested on corn and soybeans to deliver more precise fungicide application recommendations.
Soybean trials. We’ll be looking at several soybean seed treatments and fungicides to understand the value they provide. By adding some soybean-on-soybean acres to our trials this year, we’re pressure testing these treatments by promoting more disease pressure so we can test the capabilities of soybean treatments and fungicides. This is in addition to our standard variety testing.
The investment of resources into the Answer Plot program have provided more than 6 million data points that we draw from to ensure our testing delivers actionable insights that are valuable for your operation. We do the work in our fields so hopefully you don’t have to. For more information about Answer Plot locations near you, contact your local WinField United retailer.