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Leverage the R7 Tool for Season-long Crop Management

Farmer evaluates data on a tablet while standing in a soybean field.
Planning for 2022 is underway, and you’re probably busy evaluating yield data and applying it to management decisions for next year. Now is a great time to talk to your WinField® United retailer about the R7® Tool, a suite of ag tech tools that can help you optimize decision-making for every acre. From planning to in-season management, R7 provides powerful data combined with local insights to help you improve profitability potential on every acre.

Nail down seed selection

Several features of the R7 Tool help support more reliable seed purchasing decisions and help optimize product placement. Unbiased characterization charts (CHT) and the Top Ten seed tool features help take the guesswork out of choosing corn, soybean and wheat seed. CHT charts help you compare seed performance in a variety of real-life field environments. We take a combined look at responses to population, nitrogen, corn on corn, different soil types and the ability to maximize yield in high-, medium- and low-yielding environments. That information can help you nail down the best seed options depending on your agronomic challenges and intended management practices.
The Top Ten feature in the R7 Tool provides a quick look at the top-yielding products in a selected area and on selected soil types. In the corn hybrid section, the data also includes the products’ response-to scores for fungicide, nitrogen, population and corn on corn.

Keep a pulse on crop health

The R7 Field Monitoring Tool gives real-time updates about how your fields are performing compared to each other and past years. It helps you understand which fields may have the most potential at a given time, warranting extra in-season investments where needed. The tool uses daily low-resolution satellite imagery to measure biomass accumulation in fields, which is a good indicator of plant health. You can use the Field Monitoring Tool to support in-season scouting efforts as well. It can help identify areas of change in a field, potentially indicating disease problems or other agronomic issues you may not be able to see as the season progresses and parts of the field become inaccessible.
In 2021, farmers were surprised to see that many of their fields were performing better than in previous years, despite the lack of moisture in July. The Field Monitoring Tool reassured them to continue investing in the crop, even though their gut may have been telling them to pull back.

Use models to adjust to in-season conditions

The R7 Field Forecasting Tool is a nitrogen, potassium and water modeling program that uses data from your fields and the Answer Plot® program to help you understand what type of yields you could expect from your crop based on current environmental conditions and management practices. It also enables you to estimate the profitability potential of adding extra inputs and helps you time those applications to optimize return on investment potential. Your WinField United retailer can help you review the tool’s analytics to offer reliable in-season recommendations.

Data-backed recommendations delivered to your phone

The insights coming from the R7 suite of tools are built upon replicated, scientifically sound data collected from the WinField United Answer Plot program. We make using the tools simple with mobile apps to access data throughout the season no matter where you are. As conditions change, the recommendations update, so you’re always getting the most accurate, up-to-date information to inform your decisions.
Contact your WinField United retailer to learn how the R7 Tool can support more reliable in-season management decisions.
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