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  • Jun 17, 2015

Introducing a New Option for Humate

While effective, humate products tend to present challenges when it comes to the application. Separately applying the average dry humate product can be ineffective – you need large quantities to achieve effective coverage and it can take more than 30 days to breakdown and take effect. Liquid humate products tend to work more effectively but large quantities are needed – making it a costly method.

46Black soluble urea after 30 seconds in water.

WinField is excited to introduce an alternative option - 46Black Humate Coating, a 100% organic product containing Humic and Fulvic Acid along with the added benefits of kelp to provide an effective product that is safe for the environment.

46Black Humate Coating is designed to work with all types of fertilizer and soils to improve nutrient availability, root development, fertility and drought tolerance. The benefit of 46Black is that unlike most dry humates, 46Black is effective as soon as moisture is applied. By coating fertilizer with 46Black, all prills now contain humate and are in direct contact with the nutrient allowing 46Black to be most effective. Moreover, 46Black coating holds nutrients in the soil allowing the plant to have greater access to nutrients.

46Black soluble urea after 90 seconds in water

46Black is not only effective, but it is cost efficient. The specific coating process allows less humate to be used per acre. And by improving the performance of the fertilizer, less fertilizer may be required which can save money while improving plant growth.


46Black Humate Coating is available exclusively through WinField and is offered on all types of fertilizer. To learn more about 46Black or to purchase a coated granular fertilizer contact a WinField sales representative.  

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