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  • Jun 12, 2015

Improve Root Health

Roots are the central component to plant life. Healthy roots yield healthy plants. While fertilizer can be an adequate tool to increase root health it doesn’t pinpoint a specific area of the plant.

In order to specifically target the roots, WinField offers Gravity® SL PGS – a unique blend of plant growth hormones precisely designed to stimulate root growth in new seedlings, transplants and existing plants.
In a recent study, plots treated with Gravity® SL PGS and various plant growth regulators did not significantly increase clippings, showing that Gravity® SL PGS will not overcome these regulators. Gravity® SL PGS is able to produce slightly greater clippings but not significantly greater clippings.

M. Harrell. Southeastern Turf Research. 2014

In another study, plots were treated with Gravity® SL PGS and Trinexapac-ethy. While the overall root mass of untreated bremudagrass declined over the summer, roots treated with Gravity® SL PGS and Trinexapac-ethyl had greater roots.

S. McDonald, TurfgrassDisease Solutions, 2014

These plot studies show the application benefits of Gravity® SL PGS – increasing plant root mass while not overpowering plant growth regulators. This product is also highly concentrated to provide you with low application rates.

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