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  • Sep 26, 2018

HerbDecide 2018

Short green grass
There are hundreds, if not thousands, of herbicides on the market. These are all chemically designed to do different things and perform in a specific way under certain conditions. With all of these choices, how are you supposed to make a decision?! Never fear – your friends here at WinField United Pro have got you covered. Check out some recommendations from a couple of our trusted sales reps, broken into North and South.
North – Rob Garcia, Professional Sales Rep – Colorado
  1. Gallery® (pre-emergent) – One of the best broadleaf herbicides available. This product is colorless and odorless and is very effective for dandelion control. Gallery can be applied in the spring or the fall and shows best performance when tan mixed with Barricade® or any prodiamine liquid which can be applied in the fall.
  2. Strike 3® (post-emergent) – This is a great, all-around three-way herbicide. This product is cost-effective being an amine formulation and can be used in warmer weather where ester have greater potential for volatilization and off-site damage. With the addition of Quicksilver®, this will give fast action that is cost-effective.
  3. Dimension® (pre-emergent) – Great pre-emergent for grass and broadleaf weeds. Timing is not as important as the product has control on early tiller stages, so if an application is missed due to weather, good control can still be achieved. Dimension also works well as a pre/post combination.
  4. Tenacity® (post-emergent) – Has both broadleaf and grasses on the label. This product has very low use rates and gives a distinct color change to weeds that begin to die, which helps the customer access the weed control effects of the application. Tenacity is also able to be used on young seedlings so weed control applications can be made sooner after germination.
  5. Horsepower® (post-emergent) – This non-2,4-D formulation is great in areas where there are restrictions on the number of applications of 2,4-D or in areas where you cannot use 2,4-D. This product is great for the harder to control weeds in lawns due to the high percentage of Triclopyr in the formulation.
South – John Cabori, Professional Sales Rep, Texas
  1. Tribute® Total (post-emergent) - Gets sedges, goose grass and several broadleaf weeds often found on athletic fields. Adding Turbulence or Atmos along with 21-0-0 soluble, can help control mature weeds such as Dallisgrass. Caution label ideal for school IPM programs.
  2. Celsius® (post-emergent) – Broadleaf weed control for LCO, Golf and Sport Turf markets.  Caution label ideal for school IPM programs. Can be applied to a variety of turf types. Strong on Dove weed.
  3. Drive® XLR8 (post-emergent) -  Excellent choice for crabgrass control and a variety of difficult to control weeds in turf including Torpedo Grass.
  4. Monument® (post-emergent) – Gets sedges including Kyllinga and several broadleaf weeds.
  5. Certainty® (post-emergent) - Excellent on sedges, gets several broadleaf weeds, can be used on Bermuda as well as St. Augustine. Controls Johnsongrass.

At WinField® United we highly recommend that you always read the label, we also suggest using an adjuvant to aid in the effectiveness of the herbicide of your choice. See our adjuvant chart, which identifies the best adjuvant pairing for a given herbicide.
For any questions, please contact your nearest WinField United representative.

We get it, picking a herbicide is like walking down the chip aisle. Just like picking a bag of chips, you need to find the one that fits your expectation.