• Jul 20, 2017

Which pre-emergent herbicide did you use?

Which post-emergent herbicide did you decide on this year?

Do you pick the same one each year?

Or do you switch to a new brand?

Do you have a plethora of options? You sure do.


We get it, picking a herbicide is like walking down the chip aisle. There are tons of variations - spicy, savory, salty, but at the end of the day it's still a fried potato. Just like picking a bag of chips, you need to find the one that fits your expectation. Some herbicides cost a bit extra, but provide a promise that everything in its path is going to wither away. Others might be a boutique herbicide that only work on certain types of weeds. Nevertheless it still comes down to your needs and expectations. Below are what we believe are five excellent herbicides to choose from in your trek of deciding which herbicide(s) to use this summer and beyond.


Celsius- One of the broadest post-emergent herbicides out on the market, putting the 'cide to nearly 150 different species of weeds. One of the bonus attributes to this product is that you can apply it even in high temperatures (and this product has lower phyto risks) because lets face it, not many of us are applying herbicides during "winter" months. This is a wettable granular product. Warning: Some turf can't take the heat of Celsius (ex. cool season grasses).


Certainty- With a name like this, why wouldn’t you choose this product? This is a great warm-season, post-emergent herbicide. This product protects from a number weed species and is safe to use in commercial/high traffic areas. Another convenience of this product is its label for ornamental use as well on woody ornamentals, perennial groundcovers and warm season ornamental grasses.


Marengo- Well look at you sittin' pretty and not having to worry about any weeds. Thanks to your choice in Marengo during the pre-herbicide season you don't have to worry about many post-problems. This herbicide is destined to take out 75 different weed species and is safe to use on 150 ornamental plants. For ornamentals this product just makes sense.


Cornerstone Plus- Let's be honest, who doesn't love a good glyphosphate product - a staple active ingredient in the herbicide community. It controls up to 100 annual and perennial weeds while also having a large window of application time. This herbicide is quite easy to mix; however, we suggest mixing it with an adjuvant for effective results.


Strike 3 - It's the trifecta of herbicides. Combining the power of three systemic herbicides - 2,4-d, mecoprop-p, and dicamba. It controls many common broadleaves like dandelionis, clover, chickweed and many more. It's sure to help you strike out all the weeds in your path. If you live in what most Americans would call the North, this product is for you. For those that live in southern parts of the U.S., this product probably won't put a stop to those nasty weeds.


At WinField® United we highly recommend that you always read the label, we also suggest using an adjuvant to aid in the effectiveness of the herbicide of your choice.

Our Adjuvant Chart identifies the best adjuvant to use with whatever herbicide you choose.

We get it, picking a herbicide is like walking down the chip aisle. Just like picking a bag of chips, you need to find the one that fits your expectation.