• Jan 27, 2022

Growing High-Quality Alfalfa Starts with the Right Seed

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NEXGROW ® alfalfa is for forward-looking alfalfa growers who are always looking for the latest advances in high-yielding, high-quality and exceptionally healthy alfalfa varieties. NEXGROW helps you make the best decision based on your needs and environment thanks to our innovative alfalfa varieties.

1. Harvest on your schedule

HarvXtra® Alfalfa with Roundup Ready® Technology puts you back in charge of your cutting schedule. Maintain a normal harvest schedule and achieve higher forage quality than with conventional varieties at the same stage of maturity or delay harvest up to 10 days for higher yield potential without sacrificing quality.

2. Fall dormancy and winterhardiness

NEXGROW alfalfa offers varieties in a range of fall dormancies with comparable winterhardiness ratings. Consider your yield and quality goals as well as the type of hay or silage you are producing when making a variety selection.

3. Weed control

A critical component to a strong crop is a weed-free field. Along with conventional varieties, NEXGROW alfalfa offers a full industry-leading portfolio of alfalfa varieties with Roundup Ready technology to help you achieve a weed-free field.

4. Disease and pest protection

NEXGROW alfalfa offers a full seed portfolio with the latest protection against diseases and pests, including Aphanomyces enhanced multi-race1 Anthracnose race 5.2 NEXGROW also provides the latest generation of potato leafhopper resistance with excellent agronomic performance and stem nematode resistant varieties.
For unmatched quality, yield potential and flexibility ask your seed supplier about the following NEXGROW alfalfa varieties, including HarvXtra Alfalfa with Roundup Ready Technology.

Variety Highlights

With an industry-leading disease package offering enhanced multi-race protection against Aphanomyces and Anthracnose, the HarvXtra technology in 6439HVXR gives growers harvest flexibility for optimal balance between quality and yield. This FD4 variety is perfect for Midwest growers and has shown a 20% reduction in lignin vs. competitive checks, resulting in a greater RFQ of 20% and 17% better NDFD.
The perfect disease package offered in the conventional 6453Q variety includes NEXGROW’s enhanced multi-race Aphanomyces and Anthracnose disease package to help protect yield and quality potential. This FD4 offers superb winterhardiness (1.7) with excellent cold tolerance and persistence. The high-quality feed value levels make 6453Q a desirable option for dairy and cash hay producers.

1Includes race 1 and race 2 protection. In addition, Forage Genetics International, LLC (FGI) has identified a novel source of Aphanomyces resistance in the greenhouse and field that visibly outperforms unrelated varieties on the market when grown under natural or artificial disease pressure. FGI researchers have been working cooperatively with universities collecting and testing the most virulent strains of Aphanomyces to help determine the level of resistance to this novel source.
2Includes race 1 protection, along with Anthracnose Race 5, which was recently confirmed by USDA’s Agricultural Research Service.

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