• Golf Management, Lawn Care, Ornamental
  • Sep 21, 2014

Gravity™ PGS

Looking to re-establish your root systems after a stressful summer or to improve your root systems prior to the winter? Often we turn to fertilizer to help us improve plant health and grow roots because fertilizer stimulates plant growth. However, fertilizer cannot be directed to stimulate growth in one specific area of the plant.   Fortunately there are ways to improve growth in a specific area, for example the roots.  Plant hormones trigger the plant to do certain things, such as producing flowers, growing new leaves and increasing root growth. WinField recently introduced Gravity™ PGS, with cytokinin, gibberellic acid and indole butyric acid (IBA), Cytokinin promotes cell division and slows leaf aging, gibberellic acid stimulates cell division while IBA stimulates root formulation and development.   In a recent study, Gravity™ PGS increased rooting over other treatments. Root volume more than doubled one month after with Gravity™ PGS compared to untreated plants.  Treatments with Gravity™ PGS yielded 25 percent more roots than untreated after applying at 0.10 pounds N per 1000 square feet. Clippings were not significantly increased with Gravity™ PGS, showing only less than a 1-gram increase compared to the control.   Are you seeding this fall? Consider applying Gravity™ PGS over the seedbed to get faster germination and better establishment. Other research conducted on Gravity™ PGS demonstrated more than 10 percent greater germination on Kentucky bluegrass seed when treated with Gravity™ PGS. 

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